Monday, February 16, 2009

Cruise Slide show!

Disneyland Here We Come...

Before we went on the Cruise we decided to go to Disneyland with the kids and my Parents! We told the kids about a year in advance that we were going to go and that they would need to save their money to help pay to get in and get souvenirs and things. I was so proud of them because in munchkin time a year in advance is like nonexistant, yet they saved every penny they got in that year without hesitation (even lil' Chayse) and they ended up saving over $350 dollars!

These are some of our collection of photos from that day- It actually turned out to be a great day. It rained the entire day, with the exception of about 1 hour total! But it kept the lines done to almost nothing and even though we were soaking wet and cold alot of the time- none of the kids complained one time- another proud moment!!

A few highlights or funny parts of the day were Dad, Crea, Chloe, and I strategicly placing Cam at the front of Splash Mountain- He heroicly blocked all of us from getting more wet as he took the brunt of that ride! Also we (as in Cam) kind of tricked Chayse into riding Big Thunder Mountain, after the first big turn of the ride Cam looked down at her to see how she was liking the ride and she looked up at him with her wide brown eyes and said "What the hell!!" then proceeded to scream (as in yell- not cry) after every other bump for the rest of the ride- Cam and I did have to wipe our own tears however from laughing so hard!! A highlight for the kids I think was getting the autographs of several of the characters! We bought them each an autograph book with a place for a photo as well as a signature and a pen- They were very excited to find different characters even in the pouring rain!! I do have to say that the highlight of my day was getting to experience it all through the eyes of my kids! Such magic- when we first walked into the park Crea looked back at me with wonder in his eyes and said "Mom, it's like it's own world... Look, they even have a fire station!" Oh, to be a kid again!

~If you notice in all the full body photos our pants are wet to about our knees~ Thank heavens for a smart Gramma who brought umbrellas or heaven knows how wet we would really be!

Chayse Turns 4!!

We celebrated Chayse's 4th birthday on Jan.30th
It was her first birthday party! We just had a couple
of her friends over to play games and have cake-
Most of her friends are crazy boys which she absolutely
keeps up with so even though it was a little chaotic
I think she had a great time! Happy Birthday Chayse!