Friday, May 29, 2009

My Little Sleeping Beauty

Nothing like a hard days work!!

I wonder if this is what they mean when the say..."All the comforts of home.."

My Rewards of Motherhood!

Last night I hadn't heard from any of my kids for a little while, which is usually never a good thing! I started searching the house for them when I walked by the front windows and spotted them playing baseball together! A quote came to my mind:

"Moments are the molecules of eternity"
~Neal A. Maxwell

Quietly watching them and hearing their laughter was definitely a moment I will remember for eternity. It is truly a great blessing to watch your children enjoy spending time toghether, I hope they will always know how lucky they are to have one another.

Batter Up!

Coach-Pitch season is now in full swing. Which means that we are crazy busy! Chloe is on the Timberwolves this year! They are purple just for Chloe, because she is the only girl on the team! She is having a great season so far, last night she hit a strong single and a great double. They have alot of heavy hitters on their team! It should be a great season!

Our Blackfoot Easter Festivities!

For the past couple years, our Easter tradition has been to go to Blackfoot and spend the weekend with Cam's family. Gramma Sue- being the crafty women she is- gets a whole bunch of wooden crafts for the grandkids to do and also about 4 dozen eggs to dye! They have such a fun time! They all love letting their creative juices flo. This year the Mom's had a craft to- we did cute little frames with the kids names on them. After our craft extravaganza we get treated with lunch, this usually includes Dave's yummy "Turkey Lips". Which I could personnally live off of!!
My kids sleep over and they put all their eggs and Easter baskets on the livingroom table, so they can see where that sneaky bunny will hide them in the morning!
Easter is such a wonderful time! It such a great time to spend with family and also a great time to teach your children about all that the Savior did for you. It always gives me such joy to see their little eyes full of wonder that someone would do so much for them. I am so greatful for all that He did for me so that I am able to be with my family for eternity. Just that knowledge alone brings such peace to my life.
Happy Easter!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Chloe!

Chloe is 7- I can't believe it! She is so grown up though people are always shocked that she is as young as she is. She had to have a Hannah Montana Party. She has about 8 little girlfriends that she hangs out with out school so that is who she had come.. It is so great for her to have such good friends!! Some of the activities she wanted to have was a Treasure Hunt, and musical chairs! Happy Birthday Chloe! We love you Sis!!