Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas List!!

All Chloe wants for Christmas is her two front teeth! Love it!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chloe's Baptism!!

I can't believe Chloe is now 8 and has made the choice to be baptized! I am so proud of her. I am also very impressed with how seriously she took this decision. It was so great to have the family here to support her, it meant alot to our little family to have everyone there. Oh and since I'm a little late.. the actual date is June 5, 2010.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blackfoot Baseball Champs!

Crea's baseball team won the championship game!! They started the tourniment in the 10th seat, worked thier butts off, beat all the other teams and came out on top!!

Friday, July 23, 2010


We went to the bridal shower the other night for Carrie Beard and Molly took some pictures of Chloe. I know I am the Mom and I am suppose to feel this way.. but seriously.. she is GORGEOUS!! Thanks for the pics Molls!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

new family photo...finally!!

Well we finally got a new family picture taken almost 2 years after the previous profile pic! This was taken at Chloe's baptism (which I will post about soon) by my bro Jeff. Thanks Jeff!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust...

Another member of our family is now officially in the catagory of "4 Eyes".. Crea is thrilled that he isn't the only one anymore! Us not so much.. I got glasses about 4 months ago (don't plan on seeing photos of that one!). Yes I turned 30 this year and yes as my wonderful Aunt Jane was so kind to point out, I have joined the old lady club!
Now it is little Chloe's turn. She had been getting headaches alot lately, and even though was living in the land of denial for quite awhile, I broke down and took her in to get it checked out. The answer was of course yes she needs them. The funny thing about it, is, listening to the doctor's explanation about Chloe's "problem" was like hearing it about myself again! And apparently just like my Mom as well! Those strong Packer genes are manifesting themselves again!
Chloe is such a cutie in her glasses though, so all is well!!

*p.s. I will be posting about the move soon, it's just been a crazy couple of weeks!*

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Lucky Day!

So because I am a 1950's housewife, I play Pinnacle with a little group on Tuesday mornings. It is my little break for the week and I really enjoy it. I really enjoyed it this week because my partner, Christina Bateman, and I had somewhat of a lucky day... We played two games and in those two games she got a double pinnacle, I got a double pinnacle, and I also got... wait for it....

1,000 Aces!!!!

Yes, that's right folks! 1,000 Aces! I have never even seen it done! I am still on my adrenaline high from it. It was definitely, as my Dad says, A journal entry occasion!!

Crea's Reward!!

Crea was also in Hawk's Club today! He was rewarded for "Being a good friend in the classroom and on the playground!" He is such a sweet kid and he has been trying so hard in school! We are very proud of him!

Chloe's Award!

Chloe got to be in Hawk's club today! She was awarded for "Improvement in your oral reading and Your teacher appreciates your helpfulness around the classroom!" Great Job Chloe!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ahh... Daniel son!

Crea had the big 4th grade play today! The name of it was "On We Go To Idaho." There was a pioneer family going west to the great state of Idaho. On the way they ran in to Indians, Loggers, and other pioneers. Crea was the son in the pioneer family, Daniel (hence the title... Daniel son). He did so great!! We were so proud of him, especially since he missed the last couple of days of rehearsal due to strep throat! We got him well enough to go though and he did great! He was a little too natural at the southern accent... we wondered where that came from! It was really great to see him excel! Good job Monkey! We love you!!

*Disclosure: My professional camera is my cell phone so again sorry about the pictures... someday I will get a real pro. camera!! And Thanks to Diane B Photography for the good pics!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thank Heaven for guardian angels!

Last Friday Chayse and I were in a car accident.. Here is the damage to the car. No damage to us however. I am so thankful for my angels that took over driving for just a second and saw to it that we made it out okay. The reason I credit my angels is because I am not the quickest thinker but when I saw the truck coming toward us, instead of slamming on my brakes, which would be the normal reaction. I slammed on my gas. My stomach does flips when looking at the car and realizing that if it weren't for the gas instead of the break, the truck would have it at the front instead of the back of the car. Right about where I was sitting. Again I am reminded that Chayse and I are not done with our missions yet.
Thank you again to my guardian angel!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Home Away From Home!

Chayse had another field trip, this time it was at her home away from home. The hospital and more specifically the emergency room! She went with her preschool and her best buddy Reece is who is in the photo with her. It was fun for her to see the different parts of the hospital without actually having to be the patient. A little ways through our tour she started complaining again that her neck hurt. Deciding I better check it out, given our families history with Strep Throat, I took a quick peak and confirmed that she did have strep. So after leaving the hospital tour, we took Reece and her mom, Kelly, back to the preschool and made the very familiar drive to our doctors office. After a quick check, we were on our way to get medicine. The last photo is on the way home. I guess everything was starting to catch up with my little Scooter... yes that is her doctors office sucker hanging out of her mouth! What a little trooper!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Farmboy's Big Win!!

Farmboy finally won his buckle!! I don't think I have ever seen him happier (wedding and kids definitely a close second). He had a great season of roping in 2009. He won a High Money Jacket the first night. Then he won his buckle the second night! It's a good thing to, because of the incident with his hand. I think the hand happened the fourth night!
Congrats to my favorite Farmboy!! I love you and am proud of you!

Friday, February 26, 2010

What a cute little cowgirl I have!! I walked outside to check on Cam and Chayse as they were loading hay and couldn't resist taking a picture of my cute little girl!
Her favorite place to be is right by her Dad outside. She was a little frustrated today though, because she didn't know where her gloves were!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Marlene Joy Packer Pett

The other keystone was my Aunt Joy. My Mother's Sister. I wrote some thoughts about her, for her birthday just before she died:

Joy To the World
Where do you start when writing about such a wonderful person! I have learned so many lessons from Aunt Joy. I have never met anyone that sincerely cares about people more than her. Most of the memories I have, are her doing things for me- at first I felt bad about that, but then I realized that everyone else probably had similar ones! I got to make some special memories though that I think were fairly unique to me. Which also bring me to the lessons. Growing up I had the special privilege of going on several trips with just Aunt Joy, my Mother, my Gramma, and my Grampa. These trips were primarily to see relatives and visit cemeteries. To most little girls this would probably not be the most exciting trip, but to me it was like a great adventure where I was taught about my ancestors. I learned stories about who they really were and the lives they lived. On these trips Aunt Joy helped me develop my life long obsession with family history. I have a quote on my desk that says "If we don't know our heritage, we don't know who we are. Who came before us formed who we are- what we do, why we do it. If you have no appreciation for you past, then you don't know who you are." Although this quote is not from Aunt Joy it truly explains the lesson, or gift that she has given me.
The other constant lesson I learn from her is her great understanding about life it self. I have spent many hours talking to her about things in my life. I have such comfort in knowing that she will always be there to give the perfect advice that I have come to count on.
Another lesson that I have learned from her is acceptance. It seems that no matter what choices someone has made in their lives you can always count on Aunt Joy to be there to give love and support to them.
She is truly a Mother to all who know her and like her name, is such a Joy and blessing to all who have her in their lives!

Here is a song that just came out by my favorite Toby Keith, I felt like he wrote it for me.

Got the news on Friday Morning,
But a tear I couldn't find.
You showed me how I was suppose to live,
now you showed me how to die.
I was lost till Sunday Morning,
I woke up to face my fears
while writing this song, I found a tear.

I got up and dialed your number,
And your voice came on the line.
That old familiar message I heard a thousand times.
It said, Sorry that I missed you leave a message and God bless.
I know you think I'm crazy,
but I had to hear your voice, I guess.

I'm going to miss that smile,
I'm going to miss you, my Friend.
Even though it hurts the way it ended up
I'd do it all again.
So play it sweet in heaven
because that's where you ought to be.
I'm not crying because I feel sorry for you,
I'm crying for me.

So play your upside down left handed backward bass guitar
I'll see you on the otherside superstar.

I'm still crying,
I'm crying for me.

Stanley M. Hill

We lost two keystones of our family this year. One is Cam's Grampa Stan. What an amazing man he was. Some of the greatest lessons of my life were learned in the small living room sitting in the second recliner under the giant head of an unfortunate elk, turned hatrack. There I learned how life was during World War II, while he served in the United States Army. About all they went through while they served in Italy. He was in a tank. Being a history fanatic, I was constantly amazed at the history-in-the-making events he was actually present for. Which was just another experiance and just another story for him.
We lived in Las Vegas for about 5 years when Cam got out of College, so another subject that we could never hear enough of was Stan's time in Las Vegas. It was just starting to be a city and he had a part in building the original Las Vegas Court House, along with other buildings in the new little town.
Another thing that he loved to tell stories about is his childhood. He had a very unique childhood. He spent many summers in camp watching over the families sheep herd. Riding horses and fishing with his siblings and uncles. What a different time it was.
It was experiances like these that made him the man he was, and the one we all looked up to.
I found a poem that reminded me alot of Grampa.

Ride With Him Again

He done checked his gear's condition,
His cowboy hat was on just right.
His mount was prancing nervously,
'Fore he cinched that saddle up tight.

Today's his longest journey,
And it's been coming for a while.
Though he knows it's hard departing,
He'll be starting with a smile.

He spoke his piece to children,
While he softly held his wife,
And he said to those who'd listen,
She was the best thing in his life.

A braver man there wasn't,
When life would challenge him with trouble.
He would charge into the fray,
And do the right thing on the double.

But the Trail Boss called his number,
And the White Steed couldn't wait.
It was time to ride those hooves of starfire,
'Til they reached the Pearly Gate.

So he left us at his bedside,
Watching over him with love.
And he spurred that Spirit Stallion,
Toward his new home up above.

Well, we'll miss that long tall cowboy,
Maybe tear up now and then.
But we know we'll see him someday,
And ride the range with him again.

Good ride Cowboy. We love you.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Daddy Date Part 2

Here is the professional photo from the dance!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Date Night with Daddy

Our community had it's first annual Daddy Daughter Gala tonight! It was so much fun! Cam was lucky enough to have two dates. The girls looked so good in there fancy little dresses. The had lots of little activities and games.... and dancing!What an important event for my little girls. Is there a better way for my daughters to learn how important they are to there Daddy and what a great way for them to prepare for there own dating experiance. This is such a simple way to teach our girls what they should expect, and how they should be treated by there dates. It was such a precious thing to watch my big tough husband dance with his little girls. I can't wait for them to make it a tradition!

*By the way I helped with it so that is why I was able to sneak a few photos!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!

Chayse's little friends, Reece and Zoe, had the cutest Valentines Day party for about 10 of their little friends. They had so much fun and it was so fun to watch them enjoy it! Here are a few pictures of thier activities:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Post Office Field Trip

Chayse got to go on her first field trip yesturday! It was very exciting! She loves to go to the Post Office anyway, so to go in the back and see how everything works made her very happy! They learned what they do with the mail when it gets to Emmett, they even got to pretend they were letters on take a ride on the card and lifting platform. They also got to see different things the Mail Carriers wear and how they sort the mail to get it to the right house. They had a special Valentine card that they made for their families that they got to mail. On thier way out they got stamped with the postmark date so they could go anywhere in the world! I think Disneyland was the top desination! Here are a couple of pictures, my camera died and so did my phone so... they aren't the best but atleast it's somewhat documented right!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Career Day for Chayse..

Chayse is always so interested in the happenings at the Dentist office. While we were there this summer, they decided she could help with the assitant duties! She was so excited about it I had to get a picture. It will be interesting to see what she will become when she grows up! (Crea is the patient, getting a tooth pulled)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A River runs thru it...

Cam had to go to his office to get something today, and me and the kids decided to tag along! The Boise River runs right behind his office and it was calling to us to explore! It was so beautiful and peaceful I had to get a few pictures. These are with my cell phone so they are not the best but I will being taking my kids and camera back soon for some real shots.