Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Lucky Day!

So because I am a 1950's housewife, I play Pinnacle with a little group on Tuesday mornings. It is my little break for the week and I really enjoy it. I really enjoyed it this week because my partner, Christina Bateman, and I had somewhat of a lucky day... We played two games and in those two games she got a double pinnacle, I got a double pinnacle, and I also got... wait for it....

1,000 Aces!!!!

Yes, that's right folks! 1,000 Aces! I have never even seen it done! I am still on my adrenaline high from it. It was definitely, as my Dad says, A journal entry occasion!!

Crea's Reward!!

Crea was also in Hawk's Club today! He was rewarded for "Being a good friend in the classroom and on the playground!" He is such a sweet kid and he has been trying so hard in school! We are very proud of him!

Chloe's Award!

Chloe got to be in Hawk's club today! She was awarded for "Improvement in your oral reading and Your teacher appreciates your helpfulness around the classroom!" Great Job Chloe!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ahh... Daniel son!

Crea had the big 4th grade play today! The name of it was "On We Go To Idaho." There was a pioneer family going west to the great state of Idaho. On the way they ran in to Indians, Loggers, and other pioneers. Crea was the son in the pioneer family, Daniel (hence the title... Daniel son). He did so great!! We were so proud of him, especially since he missed the last couple of days of rehearsal due to strep throat! We got him well enough to go though and he did great! He was a little too natural at the southern accent... we wondered where that came from! It was really great to see him excel! Good job Monkey! We love you!!

*Disclosure: My professional camera is my cell phone so again sorry about the pictures... someday I will get a real pro. camera!! And Thanks to Diane B Photography for the good pics!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thank Heaven for guardian angels!

Last Friday Chayse and I were in a car accident.. Here is the damage to the car. No damage to us however. I am so thankful for my angels that took over driving for just a second and saw to it that we made it out okay. The reason I credit my angels is because I am not the quickest thinker but when I saw the truck coming toward us, instead of slamming on my brakes, which would be the normal reaction. I slammed on my gas. My stomach does flips when looking at the car and realizing that if it weren't for the gas instead of the break, the truck would have it at the front instead of the back of the car. Right about where I was sitting. Again I am reminded that Chayse and I are not done with our missions yet.
Thank you again to my guardian angel!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Home Away From Home!

Chayse had another field trip, this time it was at her home away from home. The hospital and more specifically the emergency room! She went with her preschool and her best buddy Reece is who is in the photo with her. It was fun for her to see the different parts of the hospital without actually having to be the patient. A little ways through our tour she started complaining again that her neck hurt. Deciding I better check it out, given our families history with Strep Throat, I took a quick peak and confirmed that she did have strep. So after leaving the hospital tour, we took Reece and her mom, Kelly, back to the preschool and made the very familiar drive to our doctors office. After a quick check, we were on our way to get medicine. The last photo is on the way home. I guess everything was starting to catch up with my little Scooter... yes that is her doctors office sucker hanging out of her mouth! What a little trooper!