Sunday, March 7, 2010

Home Away From Home!

Chayse had another field trip, this time it was at her home away from home. The hospital and more specifically the emergency room! She went with her preschool and her best buddy Reece is who is in the photo with her. It was fun for her to see the different parts of the hospital without actually having to be the patient. A little ways through our tour she started complaining again that her neck hurt. Deciding I better check it out, given our families history with Strep Throat, I took a quick peak and confirmed that she did have strep. So after leaving the hospital tour, we took Reece and her mom, Kelly, back to the preschool and made the very familiar drive to our doctors office. After a quick check, we were on our way to get medicine. The last photo is on the way home. I guess everything was starting to catch up with my little Scooter... yes that is her doctors office sucker hanging out of her mouth! What a little trooper!

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  1. man that school has a lot of field trips so fun!