Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ahh... Daniel son!

Crea had the big 4th grade play today! The name of it was "On We Go To Idaho." There was a pioneer family going west to the great state of Idaho. On the way they ran in to Indians, Loggers, and other pioneers. Crea was the son in the pioneer family, Daniel (hence the title... Daniel son). He did so great!! We were so proud of him, especially since he missed the last couple of days of rehearsal due to strep throat! We got him well enough to go though and he did great! He was a little too natural at the southern accent... we wondered where that came from! It was really great to see him excel! Good job Monkey! We love you!!

*Disclosure: My professional camera is my cell phone so again sorry about the pictures... someday I will get a real pro. camera!! And Thanks to Diane B Photography for the good pics!


  1. I wish I could of gone but Cam said NO! loks good

  2. well.... he got that thar suthrn aksent frum his great unkle Gary probly. :-D
    couldn't resist! what fun!