Thursday, February 25, 2010

Marlene Joy Packer Pett

The other keystone was my Aunt Joy. My Mother's Sister. I wrote some thoughts about her, for her birthday just before she died:

Joy To the World
Where do you start when writing about such a wonderful person! I have learned so many lessons from Aunt Joy. I have never met anyone that sincerely cares about people more than her. Most of the memories I have, are her doing things for me- at first I felt bad about that, but then I realized that everyone else probably had similar ones! I got to make some special memories though that I think were fairly unique to me. Which also bring me to the lessons. Growing up I had the special privilege of going on several trips with just Aunt Joy, my Mother, my Gramma, and my Grampa. These trips were primarily to see relatives and visit cemeteries. To most little girls this would probably not be the most exciting trip, but to me it was like a great adventure where I was taught about my ancestors. I learned stories about who they really were and the lives they lived. On these trips Aunt Joy helped me develop my life long obsession with family history. I have a quote on my desk that says "If we don't know our heritage, we don't know who we are. Who came before us formed who we are- what we do, why we do it. If you have no appreciation for you past, then you don't know who you are." Although this quote is not from Aunt Joy it truly explains the lesson, or gift that she has given me.
The other constant lesson I learn from her is her great understanding about life it self. I have spent many hours talking to her about things in my life. I have such comfort in knowing that she will always be there to give the perfect advice that I have come to count on.
Another lesson that I have learned from her is acceptance. It seems that no matter what choices someone has made in their lives you can always count on Aunt Joy to be there to give love and support to them.
She is truly a Mother to all who know her and like her name, is such a Joy and blessing to all who have her in their lives!

Here is a song that just came out by my favorite Toby Keith, I felt like he wrote it for me.

Got the news on Friday Morning,
But a tear I couldn't find.
You showed me how I was suppose to live,
now you showed me how to die.
I was lost till Sunday Morning,
I woke up to face my fears
while writing this song, I found a tear.

I got up and dialed your number,
And your voice came on the line.
That old familiar message I heard a thousand times.
It said, Sorry that I missed you leave a message and God bless.
I know you think I'm crazy,
but I had to hear your voice, I guess.

I'm going to miss that smile,
I'm going to miss you, my Friend.
Even though it hurts the way it ended up
I'd do it all again.
So play it sweet in heaven
because that's where you ought to be.
I'm not crying because I feel sorry for you,
I'm crying for me.

So play your upside down left handed backward bass guitar
I'll see you on the otherside superstar.

I'm still crying,
I'm crying for me.

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