Thursday, February 11, 2010

Post Office Field Trip

Chayse got to go on her first field trip yesturday! It was very exciting! She loves to go to the Post Office anyway, so to go in the back and see how everything works made her very happy! They learned what they do with the mail when it gets to Emmett, they even got to pretend they were letters on take a ride on the card and lifting platform. They also got to see different things the Mail Carriers wear and how they sort the mail to get it to the right house. They had a special Valentine card that they made for their families that they got to mail. On thier way out they got stamped with the postmark date so they could go anywhere in the world! I think Disneyland was the top desination! Here are a couple of pictures, my camera died and so did my phone so... they aren't the best but atleast it's somewhat documented right!!

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