Friday, May 7, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust...

Another member of our family is now officially in the catagory of "4 Eyes".. Crea is thrilled that he isn't the only one anymore! Us not so much.. I got glasses about 4 months ago (don't plan on seeing photos of that one!). Yes I turned 30 this year and yes as my wonderful Aunt Jane was so kind to point out, I have joined the old lady club!
Now it is little Chloe's turn. She had been getting headaches alot lately, and even though was living in the land of denial for quite awhile, I broke down and took her in to get it checked out. The answer was of course yes she needs them. The funny thing about it, is, listening to the doctor's explanation about Chloe's "problem" was like hearing it about myself again! And apparently just like my Mom as well! Those strong Packer genes are manifesting themselves again!
Chloe is such a cutie in her glasses though, so all is well!!

*p.s. I will be posting about the move soon, it's just been a crazy couple of weeks!*

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