Monday, August 3, 2009

Walkin' in the River... (Be's gross!!)

We went to a friends house to swim in the river. Things were going great when Crea and his cute little friend Maddie came floating up saying that Crea stepped on a rock and cut his foot. Not thinking it was anything big, we went to look at it, were we ever wrong!! It was about a five inch slice right on the ball of his foot. We decided that he would probably need stitches. I took him in while my awesome friend, Abby, kept the girls... the following is Crea's first experiance getting stitches! I have to say though he was a very strong boy and handled it like a champ!


  1. That's got to be one of the worst spots to be cut on your foot! He will feel it each time he tries to step. Poor kid. I hope he isn't finishing up any sport seasons. Tell him we think he's a trooper. Not a super-trooper (Ha! That was for you)

  2. Poor kid... what a bad injury especially on the bottom of his foot. I hope it heels fast. That's not a great way to finish out the rest of the summer. I hope everyone else stays injured FREE!

  3. Eewww!!!I am a total panicky kids are starting to run to daddy instead because of the reactions they get from me!