Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to Crea!!

My baby boy is 10 years old today. I can't believe it! As I was laying awake at 4:30 this morning (after Cam had gone to work) I couldn't help remember what I was feeling at this exact time ten years earlier. My appointment to be induced was a 5am, and Cam, being Cam, gave me time to reflect on what was happening while he got ready to take me to the hospital. I remember sitting in my rocking chair feeling Crea kick all over thinking in a few short hours this feeling will be gone. I talked to him. Prepared myself for what I wasn't sure was coming. Being barely 20, and a little afraid of the next phase that was quickly coming in my life.
What a special little spirit he was! We had such fun being buddies for those two and a half years before Chloe and Chayse came. There is not an experiance in the world than welcoming your first child into your life. Happy birthday to Crea and Happy "Birth" Day to me, because it was truly the start of what I was suppose to do in life. Thanks Buddy and I love you!


  1. I can't believe Crea is 10! Happy bday to him!!

    Wasn't it just yesterday we were in the Gibson library talking about switching doorknobs the other way around to lock our kids inside their bedrooms? :)

    Hope you're enjoying it, too...you know, your birth as a mother. SWAK!

  2. Hey - I don't have your email.....so, I know I can reach ya this way....I got the new photos posted(finally)
    email me your email address...please.