Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

What a great snowy season we have had!! Another one of me and the kids' fave activities is playing in the snow!! We love to make snow angels and jump on the tramp while the snow attacks us and of course make snowmen- although it wasn't good packing snow on this day.. We also tried something new this year, with the kids getting a little older- I saddled up Squirt (my trusty steed) and tied a rope to one of our tubes and drug them all over behind me! We had a blast! I don't know how Squirt felt about it but sometimes one has to make sacrifices for the good
of the group! I wasn't able to get pictures this time but it is suppose to snow more and then
Daddykins will be home so he can be the dragger while I am the photographer! Because of our years in Las Vegas we never take for grated the blessing of a "White Christmas"!!
Another one of our fave christmas activities is watching "Little Women". It is totally a family favorite! Scooter is also into to "Jane Eyre" now, which has nothing to do with Christmas, but it cracks me up so I thought I would mention it!
Another thing we did on this day was all our baking! We made our beautiful gingerbread house
(shown here) as well as about 5 dozen gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies and candy cane cookies! Needless to say Mom was pooped by the end of the day. I know though that they will only be little for an instant then those precious times will only be a memory!

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