Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pinewood Derby... Need I say more

After alot of blood and sweat we finally had our Scouts Pinewood Derby!! Cam has been looking forward to this day since, I think, Crea was born!

You know there is a science to building these cars and you have to handle them with care! I don't know how many times crea was lectured on the correct way to hold and walk with your car!

All the hard work paid off- Crea got 2nd in his pack- of about 9 boys! The little boy who got 1st also took the overall time in the entire race...

It was a great night! It is always fun though to have a family night where all we do is cheer one of

us on! I think it is a great way to get closer.

The pictures are of Crea getting ready for the race; The 1st place finish photo; him with car and certificates; the infamous "Silver Bullet"!!

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  1. Kevin loved pinewood derby,too. He was in competition with one of the other fathers. I love the flame stickers- they were Dev's favorite, too.