Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reba or Bust

Here is a picture of my and my handsome date!! The monkey and me went to the Reba and Kelly Clarkson concert for Monkey's birthday in October.. I know I am a little late... We had such a great time!! That is all he wanted for his birthday, which wasn't a big shock since he has been in love with Reba since he was 4! We went to Burger King before and then to the concert and got home at about 11:30- on a school night.. ooohhh! But I have to tell you it was a very special night with just me and my boy. While we were at BK a young dad came over to me and said "I just had to had to tell you, that you just don't see boys this age that are as polite and look as well dressed as your son does." Ahh what a proud mom moment. It makes you think for just one second that you might actually be doing something right!! Needless to say I was very proud and felt very luck to be Monkey's mom!
Oh and I just this picture of Reba (out of the 75 Monkey took- big mistake giving him free reign of the camera!) because this was one of his favorite parts of the concert- he thought it was so neat that Reba teared up because of the audiences reaction to a song! I admit it was neat though!


  1. Lori the blog looks great I love Reba

  2. Don't laugh, but I love your eyebrows! I look like Bert right now and I am obsessing about other peoples eyebrows.
    I think you are an awesome Mom. Way to take your boy out. Tell me when Cam goes to the next Justin Timberlake concert with, Cloe.