Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rest in Peace Tweety...

A very sad Chayse informed me today that Tweety died. After further questioning I found out that Tweety was her imaginary friend! Tweety was a small blackbird and his beak was "black like his self". It was the cutest thing ever. Apparently, Tweety lived at our old house and then came to this house and then died today. There is nothing more tragic than a child loosing thier imaginary friend.


  1. Poor chayse if you need any thing during this time let me know

  2. OK, I must admit, it took me a minute but yes, I know you! You were at my twin blessingway, you were friends with Amy Jones, part of LVmoms, and used to come to the Gibson library back in the day.

    Good to see you! Are you on FaceBook? Where are you living now & how's life?

    I just did a blog about Lvmoms "Riding the wave" (did you read it?)...ah, memories!

    KIT and hope you are well!!!!!! ;)