Friday, March 13, 2009

Ode to Chloe...

In Chloe's little "about me" section under her picture, I mention that she is the little Mother of the house! Yes, she even keeps me in line! I thought I would show you all what I mean- this picture (taken on the walk to the beach in Cabo) is typical Chloe, with the purse and sunglasses on her head and a tired Chayse in tow!Saying, "Come on Chayse, you need to walk, your doing good, just a little farther.." She will seriously make a great Mom!
I don't put things about her very often because, well, I guess I'm a bad mom, but honestly Crea and Chayse are the characters who always seem to be doing something, while little Miss Chloe is in the background quietly keeping everyone and everything in line!! We are definetely blessed to have her. So this is our "Ode to Chloe"!

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